Thursday, February 26, 2009

Buddy Collette's Swinging Shepherds

With Bud Shank, Harry Klee, and Paul Horn.

  • Flute Diet
  • Short Story
  • Machito
  • Improvisation (With Conga)
  • Pony Tale
  • The Funky Shepherds
  • Tasty Dish
  • Improvisation
  • The Four Winds Blow

new link!


dreadco said...

Excellent album! I love the sweet tones of flutes (and the intelligent rythme section as well). This album should be reissued as a CD.

the jazzman said...

Link gone. Any chance to re-up?

rowgatien said...

Great! Buddy Collette and Paul Horn are too thin in my collection. Thank You

Anonymous said...

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Easy Jams said...

More Buddy Collette here:

Anonymous said...

This Swinging Shepherds debut album is now available on CD and combined with their 2nd recording, "At the Cinema"