Monday, June 15, 2009

Bob McFadden and Dor - Songs Our Mummy Taught Us

Going back 15 years or so, this gem availed itself to me. It sat, for maybe 10 years prior, in the bottom of a cardboard box, with old Kenny Loggins albums pressing down on it's withered face. The box was way in the back of the last booth of the last tract of a flea market, outside of Cincinnati proper. I have not seen a copy since (well that's not true, I did see it go for a few hundy on ebay. I 'aint payin' that much for my mummy's plot, let alone Songs Our Mummy Taught Us). It now hangs on my wall amongst my other treasured covers. I am in geeky bliss. And now, I share it with you. Be forewarned, the vinyl on this copy looks like it was polished with 150-grit sandpaper. I feel the sound quality is passable and doesn't totally overwhelm the recording. That being said, I do like a little crackle 'n' pop with my music. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy, like listening to my father's beat-up Victory at Sea LP on my portable Fisher Price when I was but a wee -lad. So, take that for what it's worth. I'm not into pristine hi-fidelity or an avid audiophile. I just record my lps on the portable ion with the basic software. Press record. Transfer to iTunes and I'm on my way. Skipping through my neighborhood to Shreik of Agony...CHA-CHA-CHA.

The ion IPTUSB



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great album. I was going to post it over at my blog Like...Dreamsville, because of the beatnik-y influence but you've beaten me to it. Great blog you've got here. I'll link you up at mine.

Richard said...

If you've got a better copy, then by all means.

Anonymous said...

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Natan said...

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HunterMann said...

Cool to find your site today! I've been collecting LPs since the Jurassic era(?), always big on exotica and "incredibly strange music", Some of my huge collection is not about the music, but just about the cover art & design. I don;t specialize in any one thing, unlike a friend of mine who's 14,000 LPs include a section called "Big Hair" and "Weird Jesus People LPs", ha!

I found your blogsite while researching an LP I am putting on e B a y, Rod McKuen's legendary "Beatsville". It took me about ten years to finally find a copy. Made a cassette of it and enjoyed the cover on my wall, but now letting it go on the online marketplace.

Bongos not bong hits... or is that Bongos For Bongsters?

stay exotic, Hunter.... Highway Cinema