Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jorgen Ingmann - Swinging Guitar (1959)

This LP is pretty much in the same vein, as say, Les Paul or Chet Adkins, without the ingenuity. You'll find the same song line-up that the aforementioned do, on this one: Blue Moon, Bye Bye Blues, Twilight Time, etc. Good for background sounds while reading the Sunday paper. It's sure not to impress your friends.

Swing it.


mel said...

METRONOME MLP 15xxx (DK) Swinging Guitars (1959)
Moonlight Cocktail / Twilight Time / Blue Moon / Old Moon / Jørgen's Boogie / Mean To Me / Blue Room / Pardon Me Pretty Baby / Hello Joe / Bye Bye Blues / Some Of These Days / Darktown Strutter's Ball
+++ also issued as Swinging Guitars Mercury 20200 (US) 1959

Richard said...

Thanks for the info.

Tommy said...

Thank you again

Bill said...

Hi. Well for 40 years a reel to reel tape of this album has been in our family. I was always told it was "Les Paul" but had my suspicions. Today, after Googling the set list, I realized it was this fellow I had never heard of. I am a guitar player and a fan of Les Paul, Django, Chet et al and this record has influenced my sense of rhythm, swing and harmony. While it isn't Les Paul I do think it worth a listen. Derivative? Sure, but I think Les would have been quite pleased to have put out these versions of Moonlight Cocktails, Twilight Time and Old Moon.