Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Girl from Ipanema (Wyncote 1964)

1964 release on the budget label Wyncote, featuring the sax-man Jimmy Davis and the vocal stylings of Norma Lee.

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Baggy Gator said...

I like this album a lot. It's beginning to grow on me. This is one of those little diamonds you find hidden behind the word "budget."

Side 1 is the only side with Norma Lee. She has a nice voice, though is definitely not Astrud Gilberto, (but, who is?). They are good songs, performed well by Norma Lee and Jimmy Davis. I will give this side a "B+". It's nice.

Side 2 is all instrumental jazz and despite that Jimmy Davis is the highlighted soloist on sax in the cover notes, the only song on this side with a sax solo is a really nice piece called "Astrud" named for obvous reason. Not sure who wrote this, but it is a very nice jazz piece.

The other cuts highlight xylophone on "Jasmine", jazz flute (Herbie Mann style) on both "Five to Four" and "Blues for Bill." And "Spanish Jazz" shows off a good pianist.

I give Side B and "A+" for excellent compositions, performance. It's all worth a listen. Don't judge it by Side A. Give Side B a listen. Very nice.