Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'll Never Forget What's'isname - Music by Francis Lai OST

  • Cambridge (One Day Soon)
  • Andrew Dreaming
  • Boutique Music
  • School Reunion
  • Visiting Louise
  • Party Music-Show Out
  • Chamber Music
  • Main Title
  • The Commercial
  • Keep It Cool
  • Radio Music
  • Meeting Susannah
  • Party Music
  • Cambridge (One Day Soon)
  • One Day Soon Lyrics by Don Black. Vocal by Tom Jones
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Oracle said...

francis lai. very nice. Wanna swap links? We are both getting going at this.

Richard said...


Anonymous said...

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Yasser Jihayel said...

Really nice soundtrack i have listened to one in youtube, i wonder if there's a chance to re-upload it and giving a new link please please ....