Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ted Heath - A Yank in Europe (The Music of Raymond Scott)

  • Palma Majorca
  • Visibility Limited English Channel
  • Supper at the Savoy
  • Nightfall in Venice
  • Garden in Versailles
  • Lady on the Riviera
  • London Airport
  • Blue Grotto in Capri
  • Train Ride in the Alps
  • Opening Chorus - Follies Bergere
  • Night Club in Sorrento
  • Talking Turkey


Zarville said...

Nice blog - nice records - a good combination!


Richard said...


Chris S. said...

Thanks a lot--looking forward to this. The rapidshare link seems to be down for the Dave Harris & Powerhouse Five Raymond Scott album--any chance of a re-up?

Anonymous said...

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Viagra Online said...

"London Airport" is also played in a rock version by some Scottish band named "Blewers". you guys should listen to it, though it sounds very different from the original version, it's great.