Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elliot Lawrence - Hi Fi-ing Winds (Vik 1958)


Richard said...

Your Pal Doug said...

This is one terrific album. I love Vik Records! Always interesting. I have a few (Earle Hagen, Sid Bass, Hugo Montenegro, etc,) and they all kick bottoms. Thanks for sharing this one.

Your Pal,


Luis said...

Thank you for this album, but one track is missing: "A Whistler And His Cat". Please can you post this as a single track? Thank you.

Luis said...

Sorry! My error. No tracks missing in this album. Please ignore my previous post.

Devlin Jamison said...

Great album--thanks much!

And I'll definitely be searching for those "other Vik long play albums for your listening pleasure" listed on the back cover.

Unknown said...

Can you please reupload this album?
Yhanks in advance.
Denys P.R. (denyspr)